"Something Poetic Here"

This world.

May I rant for a moment? Thanks.

Why do we ask people for advice? To get help or an outside opinion on things right? Surely we don’t ask people for advice just because we really wanna hear that we are right and want someone to agree with us? That would be stupid, right? Trying to find one single person that agrees with what I’ve already decided to do in my head just to justify what I’m about to do? That would be asinine, right? Because a ton of people ask me for advice. And when I tell think what I think. They get pissed off, offended, and tell me I’m a horrible person.

What the heck, right? I’ve decided not to give input. Just tell people to do whatever the heck they want. If they are making a bad decision, I’ll just sit back and watch them be an idiot. Cuz interfering just gets you involved and strung up by your neck. They wont listen to you. Just be smart and the the heck out of it. Your own life is dramatic and hard to work with enough.

Now you’re just somebody that I used to know…
Just a day, just an ordinary day…

Just trying to get by…


Not mad. Just sad how things went. But this is life. I have to stop controlling it. Stop TRYING to control it. Things happen. People make choices. These choices affect other people. This happens. Everything we do affects someone else. Just roll with the punches. Let people be who they want and don’t get in their way. Encourage them if you can. I just don’t know what to do now. My time machine spoon is broken.

Realized that no one was at fault.

She is not blamed anymore. I’m fine with it.

I think I’m gunna start a blog.

Completely one sided and opinionated. Probably ignorant too.

I miss talking to you…

You alway have the greatest things to say… They cheer me up…

Break through?

So I’ve decided. Yes. She messed up. She made a bad choice and it hurt me. She made a selfish decision and I died in the cross fire. But come on. That’s life.
How many time have I burned others without even trying. It wasn’t intentional. I just made a bad decision. Choices were given and I didn’t think they were selfish at the time.
I’ve had people not talk to me for years. I’ve had people send my angry letters years after I’ve even seen them for something they blame me for that I didn’t even know I did or was doing.
This shit happens.
It’s not purposeful. It’s never the intent. It jut happens and others die for it.
I should not take this out on her. I doubt she ever meant to hurt me.
It just happened.
Live with it.
Deal w/ it.

I’m not a self help book…

I’m just a F’K’D up kid…

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